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This week we are going to look at the LG GFLEX. A first device to feature curved glass, and a self-healing rear. It feels like LG is becoming relevant again, and with that relevance there is going to be more competition. Consumers win in a battle like this, which is awesome if you ask me.

First, let us look at the design.

Now, you can see how different this phone really is. From first glance it looks on the wider side, but the curve and rear buttons should make this feel less bulky I think. The device sits at  6.3 x 3.2 x 0.34 inches and 6.2 ounces, so for the category of devices (phablet, i.e.: HTC One Max or Galaxy Note 3) it is one of the biggest devices on the market. The rear buttons are a staple of the new Lg lineup, the same buttons appear on the LG G2 device. They make bigger phones feel more natural in hand and help keep phones thinner as well.

Now let us talk about that “self-healing” back. What I mean by “self-healing” is that the device has the ability to shed away scratches on its back. This feature feels a bit more like a gimmick, but I will test this out in person later this week. This feature does however allow for a better caseless experience. Most people that walk into my cell phone store always ask about the otter box cases, which are not bad but they increase the size of the phone drastically.  This next video will display the LG research department testing the self-healing versus a traditional cell phone back.

What’s in a name? Glad you asked! The GFlex takes its name from the ability to be a flexible device. I am still skeptical on the longevity of a device that can flex non-stop like this one. The idea is to make a larger device feel smaller in your hands, you still get the luxury of a huge screen but the feeling of a normal sized device. This on paper sounds pretty OK , but I doubt that it will function like this in the real world. One thing that I do see being effective with this device is the ability to disperse energy when you drop it. The curve will also help the screen be protected when dropped on the ground. No more pebbles causing your phone to shatter everywhere, and sitting on your phone will not cause any more issues internally with the device. For the last bit of my preview blog, I leave you with a short clip of the device being flexed.



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One thought on “Preview Blog!

  1. The LG Flex looks very interesting, and I am eager to see how people react to it. Making a screen big enough to use but small enough to be portable and sturdy enough to take abuse is a continuing challenge for manufacturers.

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