Piracy and YOU

Piracy has been making its round again through the courts, and I am curious about my followers thoughts. 

First I would like to point out the most recent court ruling that struck my interest. http://rt.com/usa/ip-constitute-person-copyright-suit-973/

That article states that the unique address given to your PC is not a person, therefore it cannot be the only thing used to say you were the pirate for certain media content. That got me thinking, what is stopping anyone from pirating any content anymore? I would love to watch movies on my time and access new content whenever I want to, so what is stopping me from pirating? 

There is always an ethical argument to “stealing” digital media from companies, but what if the company that produced the movie you want to see made it readily available? What if you could watch a new release from the comfort of your own home? 

Media companies already know that the entirety of the world would pay a premium to see movies from their own home, but what happens to movie theaters if that idea ever comes to fruition? Would they fall or succeed even more? 

I hate the movie theater on opening weekend because of the rude guests, the messy people and having my vision blocked by everyone in front of me. Also, why bring a 4 or 5 year old to a midnight release? I would much much prefer watching a new release from the comfort of my own home and on my big screen. Heck, my ceiling mounted projector can simulate the movie theater just as nicely, aside from the annoying crowd.

Don’t get me wrong, I love enjoying a movie with people that are considerate of others and people that don’ text and talk during the entire movie. But that situation only happens once in a blue moon.

So with this small rant, how do you all feel about piracy and peer to peer content vs waiting 8 months to see the movie on dvd? I am really interested in seeing the conversation about this topic so chime in and don’t be afraid to voice your opinion.


Networking 101

I am currently revamping my home network and would like to share a few tips.

First, we need to decide on our network needs, do we need wireless or wired? 

If we need wireless things get interesting. But if it is wired you need to design the flow of cables and make it aesthetically pleasing.

If we are going the wireless route real planning is needed. For my current situation I have a two bedroom apartment with all wireless needs. So for this project I am placing the modem (cable companies use this to provision the internet rather than cable tv) and the router as close to the middle of my house as possible. I am doing this because My computer room and bedrooms are no where near eachother so I am hoping to create a network bubble in my house.

The first issue at hand is finding a router that can handle my needs and offer great signal through all sorts of walls. I decided on http://amzn.to/N50guU Image 

I chose this router for its dual band capabilities and the fact that it comes with the most user friendly and secure software built into the router. The dual band makes my network a bit more interesting because of the 2.4ghz band and the 5ghz band. Most networks run on 2.4ghz,along with radios, microwaves, cell phones and a host of other appliances.  That complicates networks and causes unnecessary congestion. My intention is to have the computers and my media server all on the 5 ghz band and everything else on the 2.4ghz. When using the higher band you have to have a shorter distance between you and the router, 10-15ft to be exact. Take into consideration walls and anything else you can think of before setting up something like that. When setting up the two bands you will be creating two networks, so associate a name that will separate the two accordingly. 

The next part of this process is playing with the settings and antennae to make your network suited to your needs. You could plug and play and just run a basic set up or you can fiddle with the settings and tailor the network specifically to your needs. Since I will be primarily blogging, gaming and streaming media to my tv I will make sure I give priority to my pc over anything else on the network.

The next part of this is securing your network. Network security is a major college degree for a reason, but to keep it simple here: DO NOT EVER USE “PASSWORD” FOR A REAL PASSWORD. Your network provides entry to all computers and media devices and if you want to keep that secure make sure you use something that is unique to you and not your neighbors and passing people. The most secure way to do anything for a network is to just run all ethernet cables, but that is a huge mess and not very great to look at.

To wrap this up, get a great router and set it some place close to all of your devices, make sure the settings are made so you can have optimal bandwidth, and secure it like Fort Knox.


In the past few weeks I have been re-building my computer set up, and I am proud to announce that it is almost done!

For those that do not build a custom set up, I want to share some simple benefits of a custom build over a Best Buy purchase. 

1. You actually know the potential of your computer, and you know how to make your computer faster/ more efficient. Just like a car, any modifications you make you make the computer more personalized to your needs. 

For instance, I added a new video card, 8 gigs of high end RAM(Random Access Memory) which is used to open up applications faster and make sure they  run at an optimal pace, a second monitor for productivity and a new CPU cooler. The CPU cooler will make my processor last longer and future proof it slightly. The last improvement I am planning on making is a new SSD(Solid State Drive). The basics for SSD’s are improved loading times. There is alot more to them that can encompass an entire blog, but your computer will boot faster and load any program stored on the drive much faster. 

All of these modifications have/will improve my editing, gaming, and overall experience. My computer is tuned to my specific needs rather than an extremely broad use. Most prebuilt computers that you buy are all going to be poorly cooled, have a poor lifespan and overall make you an angry consumer. 

2. Building a PC is like adult legos. You can do it with limited knowledge and a limited computer skillset. 

3. Building a PC can actually save you money in the long run. Prebuilt computers are cheap for a reason, you are expected to buy a new one yearly. Whereas my custom build will need little updates if any every 2 years.


Overall, I am very satisfied with my computer as of right now and I most certainly recommend every one of you to do some research and custom build your next computer. Feel free to ask me any questions you have about building and if I don’t know I will certainly know where to point you to find your answers.