In the past few weeks I have been re-building my computer set up, and I am proud to announce that it is almost done!

For those that do not build a custom set up, I want to share some simple benefits of a custom build over a Best Buy purchase. 

1. You actually know the potential of your computer, and you know how to make your computer faster/ more efficient. Just like a car, any modifications you make you make the computer more personalized to your needs. 

For instance, I added a new video card, 8 gigs of high end RAM(Random Access Memory) which is used to open up applications faster and make sure they  run at an optimal pace, a second monitor for productivity and a new CPU cooler. The CPU cooler will make my processor last longer and future proof it slightly. The last improvement I am planning on making is a new SSD(Solid State Drive). The basics for SSD’s are improved loading times. There is alot more to them that can encompass an entire blog, but your computer will boot faster and load any program stored on the drive much faster. 

All of these modifications have/will improve my editing, gaming, and overall experience. My computer is tuned to my specific needs rather than an extremely broad use. Most prebuilt computers that you buy are all going to be poorly cooled, have a poor lifespan and overall make you an angry consumer. 

2. Building a PC is like adult legos. You can do it with limited knowledge and a limited computer skillset. 

3. Building a PC can actually save you money in the long run. Prebuilt computers are cheap for a reason, you are expected to buy a new one yearly. Whereas my custom build will need little updates if any every 2 years.


Overall, I am very satisfied with my computer as of right now and I most certainly recommend every one of you to do some research and custom build your next computer. Feel free to ask me any questions you have about building and if I don’t know I will certainly know where to point you to find your answers.


One thought on “UPDATE!!

  1. I am excited about the possibilities presented by SSD, and like the idea of building my own computer too. My son recently built a custom gaming computer for less than half what he would have normally paid. It really is cheaper! Let us know how it works out for you.

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